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Look what God did!
November 25th, 2022
By Michael Roop“God is good, and generosity is so much fun!”These were the words I texted to someone as I updated them on the results of this year’s Generosity Sunday. As many of you know, we’ve taken...  Read More
Living Out the One Anothers
November 9th, 2022
By Steve GreggThis past week I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in an assisted living facility. Admittedly, that’s a strange place for a vacation, and it was interesting to say the least....  Read More
When I have sin FOMO
October 20th, 2022
By Michael RoopI wish I had found Psalm 73 during my early college years. At least it would have given me some language to explain my experience. I had some serious FOMO (fear of missing out), but I c...  Read More
Alumni Update | Gianluca Cueva
October 12th, 2022
¡Bendiciones y paz en nuestro Señor Jesucristo hermanos de Creekside!For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Gianluca Cueva. I was on staff at Creekside as a pastoral resident from ‘20-’22. My ...  Read More
Alumni Update | Mitchell Cruit
September 26th, 2022
By Mitchell CruitDear Creekside,In the three years since we left Creekside and I became the Lead Pastor of Northwood Community Church so much has happened. One way of telling that story would be to hi...  Read More
On the Workshop Floor
September 21st, 2022
By Michael Roop“Preaching is a lot like woodworking,” my preaching professor once said. “In order to produce a worthwhile product, you’re going to have to leave some quality pieces of wood on the floo...  Read More
The Warm Welcome of Christian Community
September 15th, 2022
By Stephen PowellI want to take a minute to introduce myself to you and express our gratitude for the overwhelming warmth and kindness we have experienced from you, our new Creekside family.I’m Stephe...  Read More
Taking our Sunday Faith to Monday Work
September 15th, 2022
By Steve GreggAs a pastor, there are many conversations that have stuck with me over the years. One in particular, however, often comes to mind this time of year as summer wraps up and school begins. ...  Read More
The Warning of Demas
September 2nd, 2022
By Michael RoopRecently, a friend passed along a short podcast that was responding to the recent, very public fall of the famous leader of a Christian ministry. In it, John Piper cautioned the listene...  Read More
Fall is Here
August 18th, 2022
By Steve GreggIt’s hard to believe, but summer is over, and the school year is here. UF and Santa Fe classes start next week and with them, the fall and all of its activities arrive. It means the pace...  Read More
A Fruitful Sabbath Rest
August 10th, 2022
By Steve GreggI’ve had several folks ask me about my sabbatical this summer, and to describe that time it’s simplest to break it down into three parts.First, it was a time of deep gratitude and thankf...  Read More
The Generosity Journey: Staying the Course
August 3rd, 2022
By Michael RooThis is the fifth blog in a five-part series. To catch up on previous blogs, you can click here.One night, I got the last hotel room for miles around. A blizzard was blowing across centr...  Read More