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Staff picks: favorite Christian music artists
October 18th, 2023
The staff at Creekside Community Church submitted their recommendations for some of their favorite Christian music artists. Take a look at the list below to see their picks and why they enjoy them.Cas...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Faith and Vocation: Coleson Wrege
October 11th, 2023
By Coleson WregeGive us a brief overview of your work and its responsibilities.I currently work and go to school at the University of Florida as a Graduate Researcher as of August 2021. About 10 years...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Homecoming: How should Christ-followers live here on earth and look forward to a heavenly home?
October 4th, 2023
By Laura VickeryIt’s the University of Florida’s homecoming weekend, a time when alumni return and celebrate their alma mater and the years they spent there. It’s a weekend filled with nostalgia, scho...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Prepared: Megan Powell shares about the EFCA's program for women in ministry leadership
September 12th, 2023
By Megan PowellWhat is the Prepared program?Prepared is an equipping program for women provided by the EFCA aimed at providing Gospel-centered education and training to develop leadership and ministry...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
New Seasons
September 11th, 2023
By Jake Graybill[Note: Since writing this in the end of August, Jake and his wife Sydney welcomed the arrival of their first child, Henry, on September 5!]Hello church family, my name is Jake Graybill...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Living as a Christ follower in a transient town
September 11th, 2023
By Tim Edminster My parents have lived in the same house since before I was born and their next-door neighbors have stayed the same my entire life. Going through school and having to deal with friends...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Prayers for Creekside's Partner Organizations
September 5th, 2023
Compiled by Laura VickeryCreekside is committed to reaching our neighbors here in Gainesville, in part by supporting the following six partner organizations. As we start the new ministry year, we ask ...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Creekside Fall 2023 Calendar
September 5th, 2023
By Laura VickeryThere's a lot happening at Creekside this fall. To help you plan ahead and stay connected to the life of the church, here’s an overview of what’s happening these next few months at Cre...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
(Re) Introducing Creekside's Acts 6 team
August 29th, 2023
By Steve GreggThe early chapters of Acts describe the birth of the church: the miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and Peter and the Apostles’ preaching and miraculous ministry all ...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
God at work through three teams of Creeksiders participating in summer missions
August 28th, 2023
By Ellen Hargrave This summer, several Creeksiders headed to four locations to share the Gospel through Word and deed. God used people’s passions, linguistic abilities and professional skills to minis...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Why we made a companion guide for our series in the Sermon on the Mount
August 23rd, 2023
About this time last year, we started preparing for a year-long sermon series in The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Since we were planning to work our way through this text slowly, we really wante...  Read More
by Laura Vickery
Reflections on the Hebrew Sermon Series
August 15th, 2023
As Creekside wraps up its sermon series in the book of Hebrews, member Steve Hedges reflects on what he has learned. What about the book of Hebrews has most challenged you?The book of Hebrews has chal...  Read More
by Laura Vickery