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Why we made a companion guide for our series in the Sermon on the Mount

About this time last year, we started preparing for a year-long sermon series in The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Since we were planning to work our way through this text slowly, we really wanted to get the most out of our time. That’s what gave us the idea to create a companion guide.

This booklet, available starting this Sunday, is full of some great resources to help us take our meditation on the text to the next level. Here is an overview of what each week includes:

The Daily Read
Each week will include seven days worth of readings from Scripture. If you don’t already have a reading plan, this would be a great way to get yourself in the Word everyday and prepare your heart to engage the sermon text. 

Discussion Questions
We also include three discussion questions for each week. The possibilities for how you might use these are endless: lunch after church, personal reflection/journaling, around the dinner table, or in your OAG or DNA group. Take some time during the week to think through these questions and discuss them with someone. 

For Further Study
So many great commentaries and books have been devoted to the Sermon on the Mount, maybe more than most other passages in Scripture! We’ve curated a list of helpful resources, with a full bibliography at the end of this booklet. Each week, we’ll provide a snippet of something we found particularly helpful.

Family Worship Guide
Each week will also include a guide for family worship. While we see this section as particularly helpful in engaging our kids, it can be used in any household with multiple people, no matter their ages. A song, a short passage to memorize, some reading, and a prayer prompt will provide a guide to rich engagement throughout the week.

Engaging Through Art
Finally, we’ve included some pieces of art to stir our minds and hearts. From visual art to poetry and meaningful quotes, we hope that some time in contemplation will engage us all the more deeply in this great text.

In all we do, it is our sincere prayer that God would be glorified in us as we grow to look more like Jesus. We hope this resource will help you toward that end, and that you will learn to treasure the presence of Jesus more than anything this world has to offer.