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Seven ways to stay up to date on events and happenings at Creekside

By Laura Vickery

While church events aren’t the only way to develop Christian community, they certainly provide important opportunities to learn together, love one another, and stay connected to the body of Christ.

As Creekside heads into the 2023-24 ministry year, make sure you know how you can stay informed on the events, Bible studies, and happenings at the church.

If you like to plan ahead:
  • Visit the events page on the Creekside website.
  • Download the Creekside app (search “Creekside Community Church” in your app store). There, you’ll be able to access the same event calendar as you see on our website.

If you don’t prefer using digital technology:
  • Take a look at our pre-service and post-service announcement slides on Sundays.
  • Grab one of our paper event calendars at the welcome table when you walk in on Sunday. (The fall calendar comes out at the end of August / beginning of September!)

If you want the information to come to you:
  • Sign up for our weekly email. You’ll get announcements, upcoming events, and the most recent Creekside blog post.
  • Make sure you’re subscribed to our text list by texting Creekside to 94000 to opt in. We promise not to spam you. We’ll ask for prayer requests before our monthly elders prayer meeting and send the occasional event reminder.
  • Follow Creekside on Facebook and Instagram (creekside_cc) for event reminders, sermon quotes, and more.