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Christian Study Center hosts talk with Andy Crouch on flourishing in a technological world

By Marie Banks

As a busy professional, mother, homemaker, and someone who seeks meaningful connection in my community, I often struggle to thrive. For me, life sometimes feels like a bottomless pit of demands and expectations. If the technology in my life promises rest and enjoyment, why do I still feel tired and grouchy most days? I want balance, I want sabbath. Don’t you?

Andy Crouch’s talk about flourishing in a technological world brought into the light what I feel our culture tries to keep in the dark: the reality that technology is creating more distress than rest. Today, it is easier than ever to wash dishes and clean the laundry, yet I still have a hard time finding space in my week to complete these tasks. Would our ancestors be surprised to learn how tired and unhappy we are, even with access to these amazing, dare I say “magical,” robots?

Andy explores the root of our exhaustion, the danger of continuing down this path (especially with artificial intelligence), and the opportunities we all have to shift our perspective and live a flourishing life of intimacy with God and others. This is a conversation I will come back to over and over again, and I would highly encourage you to do the same!