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Pastoral Residency

Equipping the next generation of pastors for healthy, long-term ministry.

Program Highlights

  • Two years of broad, full-time pastoral experience.
  • Mentoring from pastors with a combined 50 years of ministry experience.
  • Full-time salary and benefits. No support raising!
  • Partial scholarship toward the final year of seminary.
  • Assistance with long-term placement at the end of the program.

More about the Residency

What is it?

The Creekside Pastoral Residency is a two-year mentoring program designed to train and equip the next generation of pastors. Believing the local church is the hope of the world, Creekside seeks to provide seminary graduates with a healthy church environment to learn, grow, and practice ministry after completing their degree. The Pastoral Residency is a paid position with full benefits that provides a wide-range of potential ministry opportunities suited to each resident’s gifts, abilities, and eventual ministry focus, with multiple opportunities for mentorship available.

Who is Creekside?

Creekside is an Evangelical Free Church located in Gainesville, FL. For 50 years, Creekside has been a church devoted to the teaching of the Scriptures. We are on mission together to love God and others, grow in Christ and community, and reach our neighbors and the nations. As a church of 250 in a university town, Creekside is uniquely positioned to be a home for those in all stages of life. We long to serve local churches in the US and around the world by launching formed and experienced pastors and ministry leaders into years of fruitful ministry.

What is expected?

Pastoral residents will be male M.Div graduates who demonstrate a commitment to following Christ, ministry leadership ability, a heart for serving the local church, and academic excellence. Those selected for Creekside’s Pastoral Residency receive a partial scholarship for their final year of seminary and commit to moving to Gainesville, FL, upon completion of their degree, where they will serve at Creekside as a pastoral resident for two years.

I'm interested. Now what?

We are only able to hire one resident at a time. The next resident will being June 2024. If you have any further questions about the program, reach out to Michael Roop.