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Why Membership?

The best relationships come with commitment and clear expectations. Membership is key to a flourishing relationship with Creekside, its leaders, and its people.

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to any baptized follower of Jesus. Not been baptized yet? Let us know!

The Membership Process

1. Attend a Membership Weekend

Next Class: March 24-25

Get an overview of Creekside's mission and direction, and how you fit in!

2. Submit an Application

Give us some basic contact information, and tell us your story of meeting Jesus.

3. Share Your Testimony

Once you've attended a weekend and submitted your application, we'll reach out to schedule a sharing time with some of our elders and other membership candidates.

4. Be Introduced on a Sunday

We'll introduce you to our church on a Sunday morning. And that's it! 

Got Questions?

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