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Ministry Internship

Helping men and women explore a call to vocational ministry.

Program highlights

  • One year of broad, part-time ministry experience.
  • Be mentored by a pastor.
  • 20 hours per week with a monthly stipend. No support raising!
  • Evaluation of ministry potential at the end of the program.
  • Assistance in seminary placement.

More about the Internship

What is it?

The Creekside Ministry Internship is a one-year mentoring program designed to help men and women who are exploring a call to vocational ministry discern God’s call on their life.  Believing the local church is the hope of the world, Creekside seeks to provide aspiring church leaders at Creekside a healthy church environment to practice ministry under the supervision and mentorship of Creekside’s pastors, to grow in their understanding of Scripture, theology, and church practice, and to evaluate next steps in pursuing God’s call. The Ministry Internship is a part-time position with a stipend that provides a wide-range of ministry opportunities suited to each intern’s gifts, abilities, and passions.

Who is Creekside?

Creekside is an Evangelical Free Church located in Gainesville, FL. For 50 years, Creekside has been a church devoted to the teaching of the Scriptures. We are on mission together to love God and others, grow in Christ and community, and reach our neighbors and the nations. As a church of 250 in a university town, Creekside is uniquely positioned to be a home for those in all stages of life. We long to serve local churches in the US and around the world by launching formed and experienced pastors and ministry leaders into years of fruitful ministry.

What is expected?

Ministry interns will be men or women who demonstrate a commitment to following Christ, a heart for serving the local church, and desire to explore their gifting and passion for vocational ministry. Those selected for Creekside’s Ministry Internship receive a stipend and all ministry internship readings; serve in one primary area of ministry; are assigned a mentoring pastor for personal discipleship, to debrief ministry experiences, and to discuss readings for the ministry internship; and are provided with various opportunities to observe life on staff at Creekside.

I'm interested. Now what?

Ministry internships begin at the start of each academic semester at UF and Santa Fe (August, January, and May). For those interested, complete the Creekside Ministry Internship Application and coordinate with your pastor and a peer to complete the online reference form. Once we have received your application and references, we will schedule an interview with the pastor who will serve as your mentoring pastor.