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Update from Budapest

By Steve Gregg

This week I have the pleasure of writing Friday's email from Budapest!  After a two-year interruption in visiting our sister church in Budapest, a Creekside team of me, Gianluca and Deborah Cueva, and Leah Palmer were able to make the trip to visit with our ministry partners here. We are very grateful both to be able to be here and for the hospitality we’ve received.

The breadth of people we’ve been able to see has been very encouraging, if not a little exhausting!  We were able to meet almost every night with a different person or family connected to the Budapest church and its leadership. We also spent a day at the Karolyi Gaspar Reformed Seminary where the head of the New Testament department, Dr. Peter Balla, has given us an open invitation to speak whenever we are here.  This trip we had the privilege to speak to two of the New Testament classes about ministry in the US and the importance of the Word. It was a great day getting to meet these folks preparing for ministry and to spend the day on campus. We were also able to attend the Újpest church’s weekly youth meeting where Gianluca led the Bible study. Over thirty kids came out and we had a great time getting to know them.

Last Sunday we attended church and I was fortunate enough to preach. It was especially meaningful as  this month marks thirty years since Kim and I first visited the church as English teachers back in the 90s. Standing in the pulpit, looking at the faces of people Kim and I have known for thirty years, and seeing the fruit of thirty years of ministry was a powerful experience.   To see the depth of friendships and the breadth of relationships was deeply rewarding and humbling, and a testimony to God’s faithfulness over the years.

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Hungry. They are coming out of the after-effects of Covid just as we are. The church in Hungary is also dealing with political stressors as a national election looms next year.

Please also continue to pray about the future of our relationship. With me transitioning to a new associate pastor role, we’re hopeful that there will be more time available for our ministry partnership here in Budapest.

Finally, thanks for your prayers for me and my family as we walk through losing my older brother, Bob. I am very grateful I was able to get time with him before leaving for Budapest.

Grateful for you all,

Pastor Steve
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