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Lead Pastor Transition

By Creekside's Elders

On Sunday, October 3, we held a family meeting to provide further clarity to some of our upcoming staff transitions, with specific attention to the Lead Pastor Transition. If you missed the meeting, you can rewatch the video here. You can scroll down to the description and find timestamps of different parts of the meeting.

We were very encouraged by the conversation at the family meeting. At this point, the elders and deacons have both unanimously voted to move forward with the plan to have Pastor Mike become the next lead pastor at Creekside and to move Pastor Steve Gregg into the role of associate pastor. Our bylaws don’t require a church vote to complete this process, since Mike was already affirmed by the church when he became the associate pastor. However, we want to give the congregation the opportunity to affirm the elders’ plan. That opportunity will come in the form of a vote of affirmation on Sunday, October 24.

If you are a member, stop by the voting table in the foyer of the worship center. You will find an envelope with your name on it. Grab it, take the ballot out, answer the question, and then place the ballot in the ballot box. You can recycle your envelope. From here, we will continue working behind the scenes on some of the logistics, specifically surrounding the new job descriptions for Steve and Mike. Expect us to make the transition official late next spring.

Between now and the church vote on October 24, we continue to invite you to reach out to any of our elders with any remaining questions or concerns you might have. You can grab any of our elders on a Sunday morning, reach out to one of them directly, or email The current lay elders are Tony Cunningham, Knox Gilmore, Kevin Kelsey, Ken Kurdziel, Jay Lynch, and Jim West (Steve Gregg, Eric Olson, Steve Lammers, and Michael Roop serve as staff elders on our pastoral team).

We are very excited to continue this process, both learning and modeling a healthy pattern of transition. Once again, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns, and we’ll see you on Sunday!