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Biblical Critique of Critical Race Theory

By Steve Gregg

Today I want to point you to the third article in a series by Tim Keller dealing with race, racism and justice, with today's article dealing with the topic of justice and critical theory. When we are having discussions about race, it’s important to have some understanding of the world views that are behind the assumptions people will make. Kellers’ article is helpful in that it seeks to help us understand not only the differing world views of justice, but the biblical underpinnings of justice as well. By knowing what the bible says about justice, it helps us both find common ground with others while helping us understand where a particular theory deviates from a biblical understanding.

My concern as a pastor is that the controversy of whether or not something being said is being informed by critical race theory (a valid question) discourages people from engaging the topic at all (an invalid response). I think this article is especially helpful for those of us who have not widely read and need to have some idea of the landscape before plunging into these turbulent waters. As always my hope and prayer is that this would give you great confidence in your faith and in the Gospel. It is also my desire that these articles will help us build greater unity with other christians across our racial divides. My God do a work in us all!!
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