Sunday services will be online only until January 10.

Mission & Values


Creekside is a church devoted to teaching Scripture, on mission together to love God and others, grow in Christ and community, and reach our neighbors and the nations.

Our Values


God has graciously chosen to reveal Himself and His plan of redemption in His Word. When we meet Him there, we see His love on display through the gospel, which models for us how we are to love others.


Prayer is the Christian’s response to a God who has spoken to them in His Word. Not only does prayer provide another avenue of communication with God, but it forms us by reshaping our desires and transforming us as we grow in Christ.


Inviting the outsider into our homes and lives is one of the poignant examples of the gospel, the announcement that God invites us into His family through Christ. In an incredibly transient university town, our individual and collective efforts at hospitality shine like a beacon of light.


The purpose of the church and the individual Christian alike is one of faithful incarnation. We believe God has called us to Gainesville for the good of Gainesville, that through the gospel proclaimed and lived out at Creekside, the people of Gainesville will perceive the glory of God.